Wedding Vendor Etiquette

When researching sites and vendors for your wedding, there are some basic etiquette policies you should follow. First, do your homework in advance. Don’t waste your time or the vendors’ time by asking to see a location or asking to meet a vendor, if it’s not in your budget! Ask for a wedding packet, and read it before calling to ask questions or scheduling an appointment. Depending on your location, you may or may not have to hire an outside caterer, so don’t schedule catering tastings until you have a date and location confirmed. Most caterers offer one complimentary tasting, so don’t take advantage of this courtesy by meeting with caterers who are outside of your budget or don’t offer the style of cuisine you are looking for. Lastly and most importantly, always follow-up with ALL the vendors you have communicated with and/or met with, and let them know of your decision, even if you choose another site or vendor. It’s the courteous thing to do and shows respect for the time and expense they expended in working with you.

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